What Damage Can I Expect In Hurricanes And Tropical Storms?

This section encourages users and readers to report active damage in local areas when systems begin to impact populated coastal areas along the United States.
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What Damage Can I Expect In Hurricanes And Tropical Storms?

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Users are encouraged to start topics reporting damage when an active hurricane or tropical storm is impacting places along the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and Caribbean Islands.

What damage can you expect in a hurricane or tropical storm?

This first thing that needs to be talked about is that damage does not just occur when a system is making landfall, and impacts are not limited to coastal regions and local areas. Additionally, while the upper right quadrant of these systems is the strongest part, damage does occur well inland and in other quadrants by downed trees and power lines, structure failures, flash flooding, storm surge, tornadoes and waterspouts, and high winds.

Many people, even one's living at the coast, still make decisions based up the path of the eye only, category level, and whether a storm will cross over land on the right or left side. This belief is very problematic.

In 2019, Hurricane Dorian caused a EF2 tornado that stayed on the ground for 20 minutes and caused widespread damage to homes and business. At the time of the tornado, the eye was still 36 hours away from where the tornado began.

In 2020, Hurricane Ida made landfall along the Louisiana gulf coast and ended up causing major damage to places along the Northeast in New Jersey and New York.

It should also be noted that while Category 4 and Category 5 impacts cause catastrophic damage, a Category 1 storm can easily cause large trees to fall and crush homes.

This being said, typically hurricanes and tropical storms cause damage to homes and structures from high winds which cause trees to fall, and storm surge when water breaches homes regardless of category level.
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Re: What Damage Can I Expect In Hurricanes And Tropical Storms?

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Beaches: These systems create havoc to beaches via erosion and wind. They displace all sand on beaches and sand dunes, and destroy vegetation.

Habitats and Ecosystems: When trees are blown down, vegetation is removed, and standing water within wildlife areas occur, these conditions have serious consequences for wildlife for many years.

Estuaries and Waterways: Storm surge can move saltwater upstream in to fresh water areas and completely change water quality for fish and other aquatic wildlife. This affects fisheries and breeding for many years.
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